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Extravaganza 42016

Ethno Shows -1

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 42016
 Title: Ethno Shows -1
 Languages: E De
  26 Mins
 Produced: 2018

World Folk Entertainment Featuring: Mongolia, China, Hungary, Canary Isles, Bhutan, Thailand, Argentina, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Bhutan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey, Borneo

Our journey to various of the world’s ethno shows begins on Indonesia’s dream island of Bali. The Barong dance that is performed outside the temple scenery is certainly an impressive experience for any visit to Bali. The ancient battle between good and evil is initiated by the dancing of two females and soon Barong appears with a lion mask embodied by two dancers, front and rear.

Next, to Ulaanbaatar, the "Steppe-Metropolis" of Mongolia. Music, dance and song have always been the main features of Mongolian culture and since 2002 a special theatre has presented "The Moon Stone" whose repertoire includes the Mongolian Long Song, various religious songs, traditional instrumentation, the unique Horse Headed Fiddle, and Throat Chanting.

On Java, the largest island in Indonesia, Shadow Theatre is still performed. Wayang Kulit, the "Dance Of The Dolls", is used to ward off evil spirits and to make typical contact with ancestors. The flat, painted leather dolls are projected with the help of a lamp against a large white sheet, which creates shadowy figures.

In the heart of Turkey is Cappadocia and a bizarre tale of colourful tuff. The Turks love music, dance and acrobatics. They have rhythm in their blood. Naturally, the belly dance is featured in each and every show. The circling movement of the hips requires remarkable control of the muscles.