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Extravaganza 42004

Sun City

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 42004
 Title: Sun City
 Languages: E De CSub
  26 Mins
 Produced: 2008

Sun City is the Las Vegas of South Africa and is located just 140 kilometres west of Johannesburg. It’s a feast of lavish hotels, entertainment and fantasy amid an abundance of African ambience.

Water World is the perfect paradise for water sport enthusiasts. Kept at a constant temperature, a 750 metre long artificial lake offers many exciting features, including water skiing, parasailing and windsurfing.

The Sun City Hotel and its spacious, luxuriant gardens and playful water fountains is an ideal place to relax or to gamble the hours away - whether Black Jack, American Roulette or Stud Poker, the hotel’s casino will satisfy the needs of all those who want to take a chance. It’s the largest casino outside America!

The Cascades Hotel has 243 luxurious rooms and suites that provide a magnificent view of the hotel’s tropical gardens and golf course. To maximise the leisurely atmosphere, water is put to good use as gigantic fountains and subtle water displays calm the African heat. The hotel’s fascinating garden is best visited with an expert guide as due to its large wealth of flora and fauna it has all the variety of a formal botanical garden.

The hotel’s amusement park is like something from another world, with deep gorges, mighty rocks and amazing waterfalls. The Valley of Waves means turquoise-coloured water and a white sandy beach scattered with palm trees as well as an extraordinary 6500 m² swimming pool with computer-controlled, often dramatic, artificial waves.

The Palace of the Lost City is a unique fantasy creation. The atrium contains a fresco with motifs of African animals and the 30 metre high cupola is a reminder of Rome’s Sistine Chapel, African style. The richly decorated building with its cupolas and 70 metre tall towers is like a fantastic jungle palace.

Sun City – the perfect name for perfect entertainment!