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Extravaganza 42013

Dream Hotels

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 42013
 Title: Dream Hotels
 Languages: E De Ru Ar He
  26 Mins
 Produced: 2012

‘Out of this world’ dream hotels truly exist and are to be found on each continent, oases of unadulterated luxury set in beautiful locations, featuring amazing architecture and ultimate comfort.

A sparkling symbol of the Emirates, the Burj Al Arab is an eye-catching tower that extends high into the sky, shaped like a huge sail, bent by the wind. Created by the dreams of Arab oil sheikhs, the Burj Al Arab is three hundred and twenty one metres high and one of the world’s tallest hotels. Two thousand square metres of gold leaf has been used throughout thus it can truly be said that all glisters with gold! Indeed, it is the only seven star hotel in the world.

One of the richest men in the world, the Sultan Of Brunei, not only owns a huge palace but also a splendid luxury hotel, the famous, Empire. Huge glass walls allow light to penetrate a gigantic hall that is several storeys high. The hotel is known as a kingdom within a kingdom because a number of its suites are the size of exclusive family homes. The lounges boast an abundance of mahogany furniture and silk cloth décor, and the royal suites feature a swimming pool in the lounge.

Situated in the Bahamas, the Atlantis Resort is situated on the five kilometre long Paradise Island in which the legend of Atlantis, and the oceans in each of their many guises, are the central theme of this unique hotel complex. There is no other hotel in the world that compares with the Atlantis Resort with its successful blend of Caribbean holiday fantasy and the legendary myth of Atlantis.

Rajasthan, Land Of Kings. is one of the most unique and colourful provinces in northern India. The Land Of The Maharajas in all its splendour is a living fairy-tale beneath the desert sky where a princely summer residence amid the artificial Pichola Lake has been transformed into the world famous, Lake Palace Hotel, that once served as the luxurious backdrop for a James Bond film. Built in 1746, the pleasure palace of Prince Jagat Singh is one of India’s most beautiful and luxurious regal hotels.

Right up to the present day, its incomparable charm and unique historic ambiance provide visitors with a strong feeling of both nostalgia and ultimate luxury, two of the most important ingredients of the world’s finest dream hotels!