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Cosmos Global 39037

Paradise On Earth 2

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 39037
 Title: Paradise On Earth 2
 Languages: E De Bul Tur
  52 Mins
 Produced: 2010


Unlike the hustle and bustle of the nearby city of Guilin in the Guangxi region in the heart of China, the landscape that follows the Lijiang River has a rural and idyllic atmosphere. Rural life here is blessed with beautiful scenery and the landscape around Guilin is synonymous with the magnificence of the legendary Middle Empire. A boat trip along the Lijiang River is an ideal way to travel and to experience this impressive and famous area with its unique and bizarrely-shaped peaks. Its geological formations date back more than three hundred million years when the Guilin region was entirely covered by ocean.

Blyde River Canyon is twenty six kilometres long and over eight hundred metres deep and is one of the most beautiful regions of the Transvaal Drakens Mountains in South Africa. The first glimpse of the circular rock formations and it is evident why Blyde River Canyon is considered to be one of the greatest natural wonders in Africa. The red sandstone cliffs are almost vertical and in some sections measure several hundred metres down to the canyon and river below.

Just outside the town of Page in the state of Arizona a narrow and unimpressive entrance leads into the mysterious world of Antelope Canyon. The small Antelope Creek River that is infrequently fed by additional water has, throughout the course of thousands of years, cut a fascinating canyon into the red sandstone and created a natural work of art. A true celebration of form and colour, unearthly, mysterious and of amazing beauty.

The Etosha National Park in Namibia is one of the largest wildlife reserves in the world. No other park in Africa contains as many animals. A hundred and ten different mammals have been recorded in this national park. A truly remarkable variety that is also reflected in the vegetation of the region. Over three hundred and forty species of bird populate this unique habitat. The vastness of this magnificent landscape is overwhelming as Etosha covers an area of almost twenty two thousand square kilometres!