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Regio 68001

Lake Lugano

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 68001
 Title: Lake Lugano
 Languages: E De
  10 Mins
 Produced: 2019

In the wide semi-circular bay of Lake Lugano in Ticino lies the city of the same name. The elegant Lugano is Switzerland’s third largest financial centre, yet there is much more than just the beautiful city to explore.

Overlooking Lugano, perched on a hill above the old town, is the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and in the old town, we can visit the enchanting Piazza della Riforma and the historic Chiesa san Carlo.

The funicular valley station sits at the end of the bay on the Monte San Salvatore, one of two mountains local to Lugano. We catch the train up the 912 metre-high mountain and rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view at the top.

Back down below at the shore of Lake Lugano, a boat trip sets sail for Gandria, which is hundreds of years old, and has hardly changed in all that time! Narrow streets and countless stairs lead from one terrace to the next. And from all around are views of the deep blue lake and the Italian lakeshore opposite.

Next, we travel in the cable car up the second mountain of Lugano, Monte Bre. All around, nature blossoms and glistens in enchanting colours as the red carriages glide almost silently up and down the steep track.

Another boat trip takes us to Capolago at the south of the lake, where a cog railway takes us up the exciting nine kilometre ascent through wooden slopes and narrow tunnels to the modern mountain station Generoso Vetta. The majestic views here from the southernmost vantage point of Ticino range on a clear day from Monte Viso to Bernina.

Our final stop is Morcote, on the other side of the lake to Melide. This village at the southern tip of the Ceresio headland is one of the most popular destinations on Lake Lugano with its narrow waterfront of trees and historic arcades. With its magical mix of culture and nature, Lake Lugano is a dream destination in Ticino.