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Regio 68013

Caribbean Windward Islands

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 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 68013
 Title: Caribbean Windward Islands
 Languages: E De
  10 Mins
 Produced: 2020

Grenada is the southernmost of the Windward Islands. A dream island of the Caribbean with the capital St. George’s, where the scent of exotic spices bewitches our senses. Fort George is strategically located at the top of a headland that separates the outer sea port from the Carenage. In the island's central massif, at an altitude of about 530 meters in the middle of the rainforest of the national park, lies the crater Grand Etang, with the mysterious blue crater lake. You can visit the old sugar refinery La Sagesse and also the former headquarters of the Westernhall Rum distillery.

St. Lucia is the second largest of the islands and the capital Castries. The Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott welcomes you to the square in front of the cathedral. The Fond Latisab Creole-Park offers an insight into Creole traditions. The next island is St.Vincent, the Smaragd Island, with the capital Kingstown. It was probably the last of the Windward Islands to be discovered. On the hill above the city is the oldest Botanical Garden of the Caribbean. It was founded in 1762 to research and breed tropical useful and medicinal plants. But on the coast there is a terrible station - the Black Point. Ships with slaves landed here, who were driven through this tunnel and then had to wait in caves until they were sold and shipped on.

How everything can change – and the embattled slave islands eventually became Caribbean “islands of dreams".