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Footsteps 61009

Mystic Druid Sites

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 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 61009
 Title: Mystic Druid Sites
 Languages: E De
  10 Mins
 Produced: 2021

In the southern Waldviertel of Austria, lies the Ysper Valley with the Ysper-Ravine and the Druid Path. The special nature experience begins as a wild and romantic ascent along the still young river Ysper, which has its source in the Weinsberg Forest and climbs up to 300 metres in this ravine.

The Ysper forms the ravine over a length of two kilometres. Suddenly the Ysper turns into a roaring water again. For centuries the effort needed by the people to dam the water up at the "Öd Pond" must have been enormous. It was the water reservoir for the "Wood Float". Whenever enough trees had been felled, they were cut, the sluices opened, and with the force of the water they hurled down the ravine.

Up here the Druid Path begins. Between forest and thicket on the wide high-level trail are free viewing points. And after a short climb you reach the first place of worship of the druids. Based on the research of the local priest Hans Wick, the stone formations were named so to cast a spell upon the forest here: Phallus, Vulva, Sitting Dog, Standing Bowl, Druid Venue.

For the Celts the Druids were the mediators between heaven and earth. And their secret rituals in such remote places were not allowed to be witnessed by the people.

These interesting and mystical places of ancient cultures and the adventurous ascent to them through the Ysper Ravine, can be described as an extraordinary experience.