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Footsteps 61004

In Summer as in Winter

 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 61004
 Title: In Summer as in Winter
 Languages: E De
  10 Mins
 Produced: 2021

This seasonal change presents constantly different aspects throughout the year to those who set out to discover the landscapes of Ticino.

This alpine pasture in Valle del Salto is completely shaded in the winter months and only in spring do the sun rays reach this clearing. Also in Val Calneggia, this chapel remains in the shade all winter long, whereas the sun reaches the alpine pasture of Corgell already in the mornings, but in December and January only until half past one, then it disappears again behind the Passo del Lupo. The meadows around Corippo change their chromaticism and these video recordings show clearly the change of colours with the respective light of the seasons.

Each of us probably experiences the beauty of this world on a different level, but the ability to share certain emotions with others has only been given to us, the Homo Sapiens.

Summer is also the best time to observe all those little animals that do nothing else but wait in a burrow for that season.

A hike in the Ticino mountains has much to recommended it both, in summer and winter alike.