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Footsteps 61012


 Film Details


 : Global Television
 Episode Number: 61012
 Title: Lahngangsee
 Languages: E De
  10 Mins
 Produced: 2022

Our hike to Lahngangsee starts at Grundlsee, an alpine lake in the Styrian part of the Salzkammergut in Austria. A deep dark blue lake framed by mountains whose forested slopes reach to the shore.

Directly behind the houses rises the rugged mountain wall of the "Gössl Wall" and the ascent begins.

The mountain world of the Tote Gebirge lures us further up until the view widens and the timberline is reached. It consists mainly of limestones and dolomites of the Trias and Jura, which were deposited around 210 to 135 million years ago.

Salt was mined in the mountains themselves and there used to be a gypsum mine up here.

Then the view is clear: on the left the "Salzofen and on the right the "Neustein".

Finally there is the Lahngangsee. Dark blue, untouched, without civilisation. A natural paradise, protected by the mountains. Today, the lake serves as a natural gene reservoir for the Char Fish or the Lake Trout.